Systems and Business Development

Adelsfors AB is an independent consultancy company, based in Stockholm, Sweden, who provides services related to Systems and Business Development.

Adelsfors is headed by Bengt J. Olsson, Ph. D., who has +30 years of experience in the following areas

  • Systems Architect
  • Product Management
  • Business Development

Adelsfors offers consultancy services within the areas of:

 System Investigations/Modelling/Design
• Business Modelling/Development/Analysis
• Procurement/Tender Support
• Product Management
• System Integration
• System Verification
• Documentation

as well as other similar activities. Contact us for a discussion on how we can help you and work together for mutual benefit.

Energy and power systems

Adelsfors can provide advisory support regarding power system policies. We perform power system modelling and simulation to understand the viability of different power system scenarios.

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Python, Pandas, Excel, Linux, Windows

Featured blog posts

I den här blogposten görs en djupdykning i EF (“Elektrifiering Förnybart”) och EP (“Elektrifiering Planerbart”) scenarierna från Svenska Kraftnäts senaste rapport, “Långsiktig marknadsanalys 2024“, LMA2024.

Offshore wind power and nuclear power are both complex and costly animals. Both are proposed to provide power in bulk to many regions. Just based on LCOE for each power type, offshore wind power has the upper hand based on a slightly lower LCOE in general. But what happens if we try to include balancing costs as well?

… So the next time you drive by Kista, give a little thought to its smaller and mostly overlooked siblings just next-doors. And for a moment consider that at that time, almost 25 years ago, they were actually on the absolute forefront globally in their plans for building a modern multi-service residential broadband network!

… The name stems from a forgery, Adelsfors Bruk, that was founded by dad’s great-grandfather Adolf Löfgren. It was situated in the dark forests of Småland and produced wrought iron in form of rods …

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