History of Adelsfors AB

Adelsfors has a long history. It was started in 1987 by my father, Bengt G. Olsson, who had then divested his business, an electronics company named Xelex AB, in order to scale down his operations. Adelsfors AB became his platform for consultancy services within electronics design and similar activities.

The name stems from a forgery, Adelsfors Bruk, that was founded by dad’s great-grandfather Adolf Löfgren. It was situated in the dark forests of Småland and produced wrought iron in form of rods (“stångjärn”) that was used to manufacture nails and spikes from, as well as tools and rods for fences etc.

I took over the business after my father in the beginning of the millennium but due to the full time work at my former long time employer Net Insight AB and also bringing up a family, there was little time to develop the Adelsfors business. However since a couple of years I’m fully engaged in Adelsfors and to help customers succeed with their projects.

Interior view from the Adelsfors forgery around 1890. My grandmothers father Gustaf Löfgren is posing with a rod of crude iron to be forged into bar iron. The heavy trip hammer, driven by the stream outside, is seen to the left.
My father in front of the HVDC equipment he worked on for ASEA in Västerås, Sweden, in the beginning of the 1950s. The equipment was used to provide electricity from the mainland to the island of Gotland (“Gotlandslänken”). Also shown is the backside of pamphlet from the early 1960s when he run an electronics consultancy company in New York, and the logo of his electronics company “Ingenjörsfirma Xelex AB” that produced electronic devices from the 60s to the 80s. LinkedIn post