Timing is everything!

One of my main technical areas through-out my professional life has been to deal with timing aspects in communication networks. How to make sure that data is transported in a timely fashion so audio or video not arrives distorted. Or even worse so that networks performance is not deteriorating, or in worst case collapsing due to to in-sufficient timing performance.

The field of synchronization is very important in communication networks, but seldom get the management attention it deserves (if not the network collapses due to bad synchronization performance…!). For the layman it is a quite esoteric subject, and the common view is that possible timing issues are handled by the “output buffer”. For some applications however, the situation is a little bit more involved than this.

Below are two papers on the subject I wrote in 2014 and 2018. The first paper “IP QoS Objectives For Broadcast Services” gives an in-depth understanding of the requirements professional video/audio services and other timing sensitive services put on an IP based network in terms of timing and connection integrity performance. The second paper “Timing Challenges for Media Production and Transport over the Wide Area Network” describes how the IEEE 1588 v2 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) behaves over Wide Area Networks (WAN) and how it would work together with professional audio/video services.

Both these paper can be found under ResearchGate and they have over 1000 reads so the subject is clearly still interesting. These papers were written while I was employed at Net Insight, who hereby is duly recognized.